5 Fabulous Salesforce Add-Ons To Increase Your HR Efficiency

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Jan 04th

Salesforce is a major Customer Relationship Tool used for managing cases and tasks in different types of events. The salesforce tool provides various services like PaaS, which states Platform as a Service, and Community Cloud services with other relevant uses. Salesforce is considered the world’s best platform for Customer Relationship Management. It plays a major role in business activities; it usually helps unite the crucial activities such as marketing, sales, commerce, IT team, and services from any place.

It is even known to provide enterprise applications whose core focus is on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and app development. Due to these advanced features, they help to effectively run business activities. The Salesforce Development Company focuses on the add-ons to give better services to the organizations. The primary focus is to drive Salesforce For Recruitment Industry.

The Best Salesforce Add-ons For Driving The HR Efficiency

XCD HR and Payroll Solution

The XCD HR and Payroll Solution are considered as the all-rounder salesforce app. It effectively functions several HR activities. This app manages major processes, such as hiring, employee performance management, and other benefits. This solution has various key features.


It is a single-solution HR and Payroll suite that helps deliver complete Customer Relationship Management. This is built on the Salesforce lightning platform. It plays an efficient role in supporting single sign-on (SSO). This solution is even considered user-friendly because it can be accessed through any medium such as desktop browser or mobile browser. It consists of ERP integration for various major processes such as Finance, PSA, time clocks, biometrics, etc. It covers the full site of the employee’s lifecycle from the recruitment process to retirement.

Due to its single solution feature, it seamlessly collaborates across every function. The data automation technique has saved customers thousands of an hour per year. The global dashboards are allowing HR to provide various strategic support. There is no requirement of re-keying of data between HR and Payroll.

BiznusSoft HR

BiznusSoft is an inclusive solution that provides core HCM modules to fit all sizes of businesses. It is completely based on the cloud, and some of the key features of this solution are operations management, talent management, benefits management, payroll management, absence management, and others.


This solution can be implemented on multiple devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. It can even be accessed via mobile phones. One of the major features is dashboard and reporting analytics. It has employee performance management tools that monitor the employee’s work culture.

Recruitment and workforce management are key features of the solution that maintains and manages these processes. It constitutes various important tools such as employee time management, scheduling, employee goal tracking, and implementation. All these tools have relevant functions to manage the workflow and activities of employees.

Time & Expense Plus

Time & Expense Plus is an effective platform to manage time, payroll, and expenses. It has various major functions such as project planning, tracking vacation, timesheet management, expense management, multi-currency support, which can be accessed through different devices.


This solution captures and expenses efficiently. Data stored can be easily reported and analyzed. It fills out timesheets accurately, which is a great advantage for employees. It effectively tracks project labor and expenses, giving you the needed data to get profitable productivity and help make better business decisions.

Easily enters time and data expenses on a tablet, desktop, and mobile devices. The process follows a simple entry with a single interface. It monitors the employee’s timesheets, which helps you quickly view the timesheet for submission and approvals. You can even send reminders to your consultants. This solution reports expenses in multiple currencies.


SocialHire is a hiring platform that helps businesses to use hiring ideas and tips while recruiting. It provides a platform that optimizes the hiring and referral procedures through employees’ social connections. This solution helps the business sector and organizations through its excellent, custom automated emails, pipeline tracking of the applicant, and powerful profile search capabilities for automation and tracking.


This platform helps keep track of the hiring team and even helps to take active steps to resolve it. Budget tracking is another important feature of the platform, and it has a dashboard that monitors the budget hiring and status. It even tracks the applicant pool pipeline for open positions hiring.

This solution enables intelligent decision-making through the help of powerful, flexible, and customizable dashboards. It has an inbuilt feature to search profiles on databases on multiple job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn. This solution works effectively on mobile devices and tablets. You can easily integrate social media and apply it directly through social media. These features are important for Salesforce Implementation Service.

Bullhorn Connexys Recruitment Software

This platform supports the organization in monitoring and controlling the recruiting efforts with the candidate management process. It helps workflow automation, set up the application, parse resumes, set screening questions, and helps to get notification alerts when candidates are applying for a job role. It is considered a user-friendly software application with active recruitment activities. It is a widely used platform by thousands of clients.


This platform has various advanced features which manage the recruitment process. Assessment management, candidate management, and interview management are key features of the solution, and it handles the complete interview process with internal HR, interview scheduling, job posting, and requisition. It even manages the resumes through resume parsing and resume search.


These salesforce add-ons are efficient HR platforms that make the work procedure run smoothly, further supporting the organizations in managing different work activities. The Salesforce for Recruitment Industry is important due to its crucial management factors. Salesforce Implementation Service is widely used in various business sectors.

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