A Complete Guide To Help You Get Started With Salesforce Field Service Lightning

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Jan 18th

Is your business still using traditional management systems for managing field service staff like technicians, executives, or care providers? Like all other spheres of management, field service management is also evolving with software technology. If you have been too dependent on traditional management systems and experience hitches in the process, it’s time to upgrade to Field service lightning integration for your business.

Over-dependence on traditional management systems is an error waiting to happen. The use of technically empowered management systems helps reduce operational errors and delays. A system like Salesforce Field Service Lightning helps reduce operating costs while increasing its speed.

Nearly 70 percent of field staff in companies use mobile devices. So, using an advanced management system like Salesforce Field Service Lightning does not pose significant challenges for the field.

Before going towards Field service lightning implementation, let us first understand the features and advantages of the program that helps increase the efficiency of management.

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning program is extended by software giant Salesforce that helps in onsite job management. The platform also helps in real-time collaboration and tracking between field teams so that the efficiency of many services increases for the customers. According to studies, while almost every large-scale company has an onsite staff that works in the problem-solving areas, 52 percent use manual, outdated methods to manage the staff.

In the present condition, when remote communication is taking precedence over any other forms of communication in the workspace, the implementation of Salesforce Field Service Lightning is necessary. The features of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning that make it a leading field staff management solution are as follows:

1. Managed package

The managed package is slightly different from the mobile app package of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning. The managed package provides advanced scheduling capacity for field staff service.

2. Scheduling optimizer

The optimizer works in tandem with the staff’s schedules and allocates essential resources to each appointment. The scheduling optimizer considers various factors like travel time and skill level of field staff to carry out the allocation very smartly.

3. Dynamic scheduling console

The console provided by the Salesforce Field Service Lightning service helps provide a look into appointment details to the supervisors and higher officials. This way, the higher executives of the company get a real-time update of the field staff schedules. This helps real-time track field staff, filling up any gaps in the information cycle.

4. Customization of controls

The managed package of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning also offers the feature of customization, which helps create a customized schedule of appointments and services.

5. The Mobile app model

The Field service lightning mobile app package helps extend the same features on a mobile platform. The features are available on the mobile platform and are more accessible for the field staff. The iOS or Android platform supports the mobile app. The mobile app is also operational in offline mode. The field staff can view its appointments, which helps improve coordination between the team. The app helps field staff communicate with their supervisors and clients. The features can be customized to update work orders too.

How does Salesforce Field Service Lightning help businesses?

Mobile Job Management

The Salesforce FSL package helps in mobile management of job responsibilities for the field staff. When every corporate house is trying to create scalable solutions for use in the workspace, the mobile app package helps properly manage the job roles via a mobile phone. Since every field staff uses a mobile phone today, the Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile version helps improve control and coordination from the ground level.

The mobile app package offers many premium features that improve management efficiency. The mobile app supports real-time data exchange, the simple interface between the supervisors and the field staff, etc. Even when there is no internet service, the field service staff can work offline with technical support. The Salesforce Field Service Lightning truly supports the remote work model and simplifies field staff management.

Smarter planning and scheduling

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning features help improve appointment scheduling capacities. This, in turn, automates many decision-making processes for the company. The service improves the planning and execution process. This helps in providing better and faster service to the clients. The platform also simplifies the steps to get onsite help for a client because it automates the appointment process.

The service helps clients find the right technician for the job. The platform helps clients match with the nearest technician so that the service can be imparted rapidly. The platform also allows the integration of systems with the third-party platform so that the technician gets in-depth stock visibility. This way, the person can get maximum resources and manpower assistance to complete a task. This increases the efficiency of the field staff and reduces the number of visits necessary to solve one particular problem.

From dispatchers to technicians, leadership teams to customers, everyone benefits from the Salesforce FSL. The service platform fills the gaps between the different operational processes in a company to achieve operational efficiency. Without an advanced platform like the Salesforce Field Service Lightning, it is easy to lose track of the field staff schedule and workflow.

Therefore, you need to change your company into a Salesforce Field Service Lightning company. The integration of this service platform helps both higher officials and field service agents. If you are searching for a service platform that transforms the operational framework completely with a single change, the Field Service Lightning platform is ideal for it.

The platform creates a unified portal for field service management and fosters opportunities for remote work. The service platform is recommended for both large-scale and small-scale companies. The Salesforce Field Service Lightning platform can benefit multiple fronts, improving the operational framework on many fronts.

Are you looking for Field Service Lightning? FSL serves to connect your customers, service technicians, agents through a digital environment. At GetOnCRM Solutions, we help customers to get their CRM off the ground with a professional implementation process catered to their specific needs. Contact us for any Salesforce development services requirements.

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