Everything You Need To Know About Heroku

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Feb 02nd

Heroku is a Platform-as-a-Service PaaS solution that cuts through the need for expensive and heavy hardware to launch and use the web and mobile apps. Today, feature-rich apps are heavy on data and size. If the developers were only restricted to the hardware platform, large-sized apps would come with high hardware costs.

Heroku cloud solutions reduce developers’ dependence on heavy hardware and increase the efficiency of web apps and mobile solutions. The Heroku platform exists on the Cloud and efficiently manages the hardware and networking aspects of the app after development.

Heroku Development Services are great for both small-scale and large-scale apps. The platform easily supports multiple-scale app development projects and creates solutions that work on multiple devices from a single software platform. The platform hosts different sizes of apps with ease and efficiency and is one of the most popular application hosting platforms for app developers.

What are the programming languages supported by Heroku?

Heroku officially supports many languages, but it is not limited to these. You can also run any language that runs on Linux or Heroku via a third-party build pack. You can refer to all of these build packs here.

Few top programming languages supported by Heroku are:


The Java programming language is an old but efficient programming language developed in 1995. The Java programming language is a reliable code to create web and mobile apps that many developers use.


Ruby is an intelligent, multipurpose programming language that works in the development area through multiple programming parameters. The programming language is known for its simplistic elements that are called objects. The programming language is very easy to use and is used for CGI scripts. On the other hand, its syntax also resembles the language of C++ and Perl.


The PHP language is a server-side scripting language that works in web development. The language is also used to develop static and dynamic websites for different purposes. The language is a hypertext Preprocessor.


Node.js is an open-source server environment that supports cross-platform web apps. The app language is apt for writing server-side and networking applications.


The python language is a high-level interpreted general-purpose language that comes in handy for creating web and mobile apps. The language is used for high-speed application development that can be used in dynamic app creation. The language is easier to operate over other programming languages, and app developers prefer it.


Scala stands for scalable language that can be used for scalable apps. The Scala language is used as a hybrid programming language for hybrid apps on cross platforms. The language is a bridge between object-oriented and functional languages.


Clojure is a dynamic programming language that works in interactive app development. The language acts as a scripting language for multi-threaded programming.

The Heroku development solutions work in tandem with these many languages and easily create efficient apps that work on different devices without the hardware load.

Why do developers choose the Heroku platform?

1. It supports several development programming languages

As seen above, the Heroku development services support more than five old and modern programming languages. The Heroku platform works with multiple languages and is apt for developers with multiple development skills. No matter which sector and which features have to be incorporated into the web or mobile app, the Heroku platform supports every kind of app.

2. Efficient for both web and mobile app

The Heroku Cloud solutions are supportive of both web and mobile apps. The Heroku platform is a multi-branched platform that supports apps in different languages and modes. Today, every app needs a web and a mobile interface. The app platform is ideal for new app development on both fronts.

3. User friendly

The Heroku platform has an easy-to-use, simple interface that extends many features to the user or developer. It is easy to host apps on the platform. Moreover, it is also possible to control all the parameters of app hosting on the platform. Even for developers who have not mastered tools in the cloud space, the platform is easy to use. The platform has a well-defined and integrated dashboard that helps the developer micromanage the app run parameters. The developer can easily alter the app metrics. The platform helps track app performance metrics in a convenient and unified manner.

4. No infrastructure needed

The Heroku cloud solutions are a complete solution to app development wherein the developer does not need additional infrastructure to support the app. The platform provides access to many tools needed for app development that work across multiple programming languages. From development tools to deployment provision, the single platform of Heroku provides nearly everything to the developer. This enables the developer to focus on other minute details instead of worrying about infrastructure.

5. A complete DevCenter

The Heroku Development Services include access to the DevCenter on the platform that helps document the development project. Some external help is found in the case of troubleshooting. The DevCenter is a tool the developer can reach out for maximum help on developing the app.

6. Great Community

The Heroku platform is not as famous as the AWS platform. However, the community backing Heroku is great. The quality of app development and the community using its capabilities are robust. The community of Heroku developers is a resource for any new developer developing his first project on the platform. The community offers tutorials on platform use, shares information and app development tips, etc. Whether it is about using the app development community for troubleshooting or general knowledge on app development, the community is a great resource to tap into.

7. The CLI

The CLI or Command Line Interface is a feature that makes the Heroku platform special for developers. The CLI helps developers manage the app and its running capabilities. The Heroku log command, among others, helps developers control the apps they create. This way, the CLI helps in the micromanagement of the new app created. The CLI from Heroku is very easy to install and manipulate. If a developer wants to build his capability and control in the Heroku platform and app development, he must experiment with the Heroku CLI.

8. Customization of apps

With multi-language support and multiple app development and management tools, the Heroku platform allows customization of apps and their use. The customization of apps is a recently advancing sector of app development. Specialized, customized apps are necessary with the saturation of the app space with regular, general-purpose apps. The use of multiple languages and tools helps create specialized features in the app that cater to a well-targeted audience. This increases the efficiency and reach of the app.

9. Several databases and datastore support

Another feature of the Heroku platform that helps create customized apps is access to several databases and data stores. The use of data is necessary for the creation of apps. The platform allows the developer to experiment with multiple databases and data stores to create specialized apps. This helps stream the app towards a specific purpose and create very filtered features relevant to the app. The databases keep the data secure and increase accessibility to necessary data, proving very useful for developers. The developers can also onboard add-ons to create spaces for data storage and better data management.

10. Multiple addons

Programmers developing feature-rich apps need additional add-ons that can work with the app. The Heroku development services also include an extensive tool belt that adds one and plugins that work closely with the app. The addons have to be simply selected and added to the app framework, and they will start working. However, not every plugin will work with every type of app on Heroku. However, these plugin features are easier to add than individual programming.

11. Scalability

When an app is developed on the Heroku platform, it has scalability. For example, it can be scaled horizontally and vertically. The platform has built-in commands that can be integrated into the app for any probable resource changes and upscaling of the app. The app’s scalability helps in optimizing data usage and the size of the app. The need for scalable apps arises from using multiple devices and the need to run the same app on different screens. The Heroku platform allows the app to be hosted on different screens and devices without resource wastage and major glitches.

12. Analytical tools

The analysis of the app metrics is very important for maintaining the app performance. Apart from feature-adding tools, the app also includes analytical tools that help the developer track and gauge performance metrics. The app throughput and memory usage can be monitored on the platform with the help of these analytical tools.

These features of the Heroku platform together make it a complete and effective platform for app development. The use of multiple languages and multiple features built into the platform help in the development of different apps for different devices. The platform can be a single-step solution for mobile and web app development and its running.

Moving from single language app hosting platforms, the multilingual platform is appropriate for the sheer volume of apps launched in the business. The Heroku platform is made for every action and analytics related to app development, from app hosting to performance optimization.

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