Field Service Lightning From Salesforce And Its Implementation In Finance Sector

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Mar 17th

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a part of the Salesforce Cloud Service Suite that helps manage the workforce and field staff. For companies with large-scale field staff, the Field service lightning suite is one of the best alternatives for management and returns. The service portfolio helps you connect with the customers beyond your office space.

Since commerce and sales-oriented companies have to connect with their customers in their turf, the Field service lightning implementation can help companies achieve tangible profits through the field team. Your field team that offers services in off-site locations directly to customers needs the Field service lightning service for better workflow and process monitoring. This article discusses how Field service lightning integration helps finance companies improve their field service.

The Need for Field Service Lightning For the Finance Industry

With the rise of Fintech, people and customers expect you to digitize your entire service process. However, although technology can fill gaps in the service process, making it faster and more efficient, human touch points between the company and the customers are also very important for personalized services.

As a Field service lightning company, you can find a balance between technology and manual expertise. The Field service lightning suite does not eliminate the need for manual executives but augments the capabilities of your workers so that the customer experience is heightened at the endpoint.

Several finance companies are still using on-premise field service solutions. While on-premise field service solutions are effective, they lack the visibility of a field service lightning panel. The conventional field staff management portals fail to collect and analyze customer data without visibility across customer touchpoints. A conventional field staff management portal does not support smart improvements in the customer service process driven by relevant data and insights.

Modern finance businesses need to implement a Field service lightning portfolio from Salesforce. The portal not only manages field service requests and processes it also improves the workflow and output of the field service team. Since the finance and fintech industries are becoming highly competitive, updating the field team management software to Field service lightning from Salesforce is advisable.

Creation of Work Orders

The Field service lightning portal helps you create accurate work orders for field service staff operations on the digital front. The suite also allows the field service team to view knowledge articles based on the request they are dealing with. The suite helps the field service executives rapidly resolve customer issues and requests. Moreover, the work orders are integrated with the accounts, contacts, assets, and cases to access data from any database point for assistance.

The field service executive can access knowledge, skills, and additional assistance wherever needed. For example, a finance field team staff can contact his senior when the issue meets the terms of escalation. He can call a tech support executive when the issue arises in digital applications. The data generated from the request is also stored on the integrated platform for analysis and further troubleshooting.

Conversion of Work Order

Apart from generating work orders and speedy resolution of a customer request, the Field service lightning suite also converts the work order further into an invoice when the service process is completed. The invoice shows that the field team resolved and addressed the request. Moreover, the invoice gives a document that a customer can refer to after the issue is sorted. The invoice proves the issue was resolved and recorded in the company database.

Helpful To Multiple Service Staff

The Field service lightning suite is expansive in its usability. Multiple professionals can use the suite and its features. The field service lightning suite can be used by dispatchers who coordinate with multiple teams to offer service rapidly. The suite helps dispatchers classify work orders so that the dispatch of field staff can be based on the nature of work order, skill set, and availability of the professional. The dispatcher can therefore micromanage the dispatch process to increase the reach and impact of the field service team.

The tech support team also uses the field service lightning suite in the fintech sector. While fintech apps are easy to use, sometimes people face issues. They need the help of a technician team or IT professional. The Field service lightning helps the IT team coordinate with the customer and resolve the issue easily. On the other hand, service agents also need a Field service lightning suite.

Service agents take the services of a finance company to people and ensure better accessibility of services. For example, account opening, insurance claim filing, and policy sign-up process often need service agents’ help. The Field service lightning suite helps service agents to communicate with their company and customer for rapid completion of the process. The suite helps them prioritize service requests and organize their workflow.

Track Assets with The Help Of Field Service Lightning

Often, the client has multiple devices and assets linked with the service. In certain cases, the service agent wants to keep a record of the devices and assets in possession of the client. The Field service lightning suite helps keep track of the assets used by clients so that service offerings can be improved.

Field service lightning for the finance industry is an important step in digitizing and optimizing the entire work process. With the help of Field service lightning, the customer experience from financial services can be enhanced. This helps increase customer loyalty and retention. The implementation of Field service lightning translates this enhancement in terms of revenue and profits.

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