How Salesforce Implementation Is Boosting The Solar Energy Sector?

Oct 12th

Solar energy is a tempting substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels, but higher costs kept its adoption outside the mainstream. Solar system users appeared as an exclusive group for a longer period. However, everything is changing now, and people are inclining towards installing solar systems.

Today’s solar industry requires a robust platform that can fully automate the business processes for installation and sales, leaving a plethora of opportunities for profitability and growth. And all this is possible through Salesforce implementation services. It helps in lowering costs and helps companies to connect to specific energy requirements of customers.

With Salesforce for solar energy, anyone can get the same sophistication level and experience used by most big solar enterprises. Solar energy systems are evolving faster globally, and their demand is skyrocketing. However, many companies still rely on the older methods of business generating models and execution. Therefore, let’s understand what the solar energy business needs in modern times, strategies to improve, and benefit from Salesforce implementation.

What are the Business Needs?

Many businesses still manage their solar system installation projects through Standard Opportunity Objects which is not a good practice. It includes multiple limitations like many fields’ presence and accessibility problems. Moreover, some have redundant users who need to be eliminated.

In such a scenario, it is the best way to opt for a Salesforce development company that can create an engagement solution to streamline the implementation of Org from Classic to Salesforce UI. Organizations need to do some things to improve their business growth in the solar energy sector.

Shifting from Salesforce Classic into Lightning.
Implementing more customized workflows for many sales lead opportunities.
Reorganizing the data organization’s data of redundant APEX codes.
Development of project management apps using Process Builders and Objects.
Integration with third-party apps to match the business processes.
Through removal of superfluous user accounts.

Strategies to Improve the Solar Energy Industry with Salesforce

There are some strategies that organizations that are dealing with solar energy systems can apply to improve their overall processes using Salesforce. Some of these strategies and solutions are described below:

Finding out major stakeholders as well as users for defining visibility and accessibility of Org and several components.
Completely overhaul the UI/UX by implementing a new Org on Lightning and get improved lead maturation process and conversion.
Enhancing the project’s management of solar system installation by developing objects specially dedicated for management and implementation tasks.
Leveraging the Salesforce automation like workflow Rules, Process Builders, alerts, Triggers, Workflow rules, and integration of third-party apps from AppExchange.
Using third-party apps for the development of needed functionalities and features.
Migrating organization data from older org to a fresh Org and cleansing the data.
Creating up a community for better communication and interaction.

Reasons to Adopt Salesforce for Your Solar Energy Business

1. Salesforce CRM Features

Businesses experience maximum customer spending, fluctuations, rises as well as falls. You require a feature-rich platform that provides multiple opportunities. By accessing Salesforce consulting services, you can leverage a multitude of CRM features for ensuring sales success.

Sales Automation

Purchasers will not come on their own for solar projects. You need follow-ups for convincing them. Through the automation of follow-ups, you can easily reach your potential customers and solve their queries in real-time. Smartly handle your energy through sales automation. With Salesforce, you can automate all repetitive tasks associated with your sales, and it will take less time.

Deal Management

The solar energy industry is one of the competitive industries where consumers have plentiful options. Simple carelessness in deal management can lead to loss of prospects. Salesforce will help you keep track of every activity and deal status. It enables you to crack deals easily by paying attention to the best potential deals exactly at the correct time.

Email tracking

People may hesitate to invest in solar installation projects. However, you have to increase awareness through emails. You can engage buyers by showing the benefits, and this is possible by sending some informative emails using Salesforce. For ensuring that your prospects open all emails, you have to use email tracking. It ensures the effectiveness of your email campaign.


You can get insights into your sales for improving closure rates through Salesforce. With this, you will know whether there is an increase in sales graph or decrease. A reporting tool will provide you with insights in minutes and help you identify the reasons for declining sales.

2. Mobile-Friendly

The sales team needs to meet prospects for showcasing the true potential of what you are selling, and for that, they have to provide presentations explaining the advantages of opting for solar. The mobile-friendly Salesforce CRM provides enough flexibility and uplifts your productivity.

3. User Interface

Salesforce CRM is quite easy to establish and pretty convenient. The platform has an intuitive user interface without any complications. The dashboards are self-explanatory, and your team never has to waste their precious time in understanding it. Salesforce has the right combination of information density and simplicity.


The solar energy industry has a unique set of requirements, and the Salesforce platform is the perfect fit for such organizations. Now that you fully understand the necessity of Salesforce in improving the solar energy sector, implement it in your organization to get all its benefits.

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