How To Grow Your Business Exponentially Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

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Dec 02nd

Salesforce marketing cloud implementation has been in the market for quite some time now! But still, there are a large number of businesses and entrepreneurs, who are yet to unravel its potential in a good sense to their business. Salesforce is known for attracting diverse clientele and generating handsome revenues with effective and great quality leads. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud service is the No.1 CRM and the world’s most believed CRM according to IDC. This isn’t the only reason it’s the best. But it is also known for its powerful AI, automatic upgrades, and future-proof platforming.

Wait there’s more! How can we forget Salesforce marketing cloud integration, it enables you to get the power of the software with any other software that you are comfortable with. The list of traits for Salesforce Marketing is huge.

Here are a few features that you can try out for topnotch business growth:

Simple customer distribution

Salesforce has an effortless customer segmentation tool that enables you to drag and drop consumer markets and groups so that you can easily interact with the choice in the campaign manager. Now you can share relevant content with the right group of consumers.

Cross-channel marketing

With the CRM you can run multi-channel marketing campaigns, all at one go! You can map out, launch, and track all types of campaigns right from the specific social media marketing to the larger-than-life digital marketing and also email marketing.

Template and theme library

There’s no need to worry if you are a thumbs-down at designing the CRM that gets you highly immersive and dynamic pre-built templates. They are easily available in the library. If you aren’t that satisfied with the templates you can make tweaks with themes that Salesforce itself provides. All this will help you create customer-centric and highly appealing digital materials.

Email marketing

Salesforce is known for its multi-functional email marketing capabilities. It gets you the power of audience segmentation as talked of earlier and also accurate A/B testing. You can harness the benefits of dynamic content and Javascript for a state-of-the-art emailing experience. And remember to mobile-optimize your Salesforce emails, it will add up to an increase in traffic.

Marketing automation

There’s event-triggered communication and content. Now you can easily get going with email deployment for transactions, abandoned carts, and more information. You can never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers and encourage desired actions to take your business further.

That was about Salesforce, now comes the attributes of Marketing cloud!

Targeted customer journey

With a Marketing cloud, you can adapt effortlessly to your consumer behaviour patterns. You can do a couple of things like boost your digital channels or even send out emails to different contact lists. Do not forget to send the right mail to the right person or group at the right time, only then will it hold any relevance.

Customer touch-point

Engagement and interactivity is everything! With the Marketing Cloud, you can increase customer engagement by getting a 360° view of customer impressions and actions. It will keep you in line with the different and discrete customer interaction channels as per their conditioning.


Wanna get to know the best outcomes of your campaign? Go for Marketing cloud. You can also make recommendations from targeted content. Along the lines of content, you can also harness the best of automation through automated messages based on consumer preferences rendering unique experiences.

In-depth metrics

As a marketer, you will definitely want to know if your campaign is effective enough for the masses. This is possible with the Marketing Cloud. You can get real-time insights into the different campaigns aligned to business goals. Also, optimize the performance of campaigns by testing them with a plethora of factors. 

Now it’s clear what features you can leverage for your business, but wondering how?

Let’s have a look at how the master marketing cloud salesforce integration can accelerate business growth immensely!!

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration offers you easy-to-configure functionality across the software. It enables auto-synchronization of data in both platforms. The features of the CRM can be easily combined with the cloud and vice versa. There’s no need to import data or schedule automation. You can easily personalize messages on the cloud, everything’s already there.

You can also connect the journey builder from the Marketing cloud to the different traits of Salesforce centric to sales, services, and communities effortlessly. Once a customer reacts to a message or any content from your side, the cloud will automatically update it to the journey builder to show touch-points and metrics of engagement throughout the two software.

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