Salesforce CPQ Implementation: Start to Finish Guide To Help You Get Started On The Right Foot

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Mar 09th

Optimizing its sales process is the biggest step towards better revenue and profit for a company. The automation and improvement of the sales process with the help of technology is a trend in nearly every business. Salesforce CPQ can create an advanced sales process for a company to follow.

The use of Salesforce CPQ services helps in creating shorter sales cycles. The platform also helps boost the productivity of your sales team for better tangible figures at the end of a sales cycle. The platform also boosts the number of bookings and pre-orders for your products and services. Therefore, the Salesforce CPQ feature helps a company in multiple ways.

How Does Salesforce CPQ Improve Your Sales Turnover?

The Salesforce CPQ implementation generates 36 percent more queries and quotes for products and services than other tools. The efficiency of the sales process increases by manifold. The tool works at multiple ends of the process with complete optimization.

Below is a step-by-step guide for Salesforce CPQ implementation in your business workflow.

For many companies, laying down the clear product and pricing variations for different customer segments can be complex; however, pricing categorization and varied offerings matter a lot for a business that wants to expand towards multiple customer demographics. The Salesforce CPQ tool helps your business deliver the right product and price recommendation to the right customer segment so that the sales process is expedited. The segmented guide to the implementation of Salesforce CPQ is as follows:

1. Establish Goals

Before going for Salesforce CPQ services, you need to establish the goals to be achieved by its use. For this, you have to analyze your existing sales process and identify the points at which the Salesforce CPQ can be used. You can take up the analysis and insights with the help of a Salesforce CPQ consultant. A CPQ consultant will help you set measurable goals to achieve with the help of the tool so that you monitor the ROI in later phases. The analysis process will provide a clear picture of how the tool’s functionalities align with your existing sales process.

Some of the parameters to consider are reducing time spent selling the products so that the company can jump from one sale closing to the other. This also leads to a decrease in quotation turnaround time. Based on the parameters of the sales process you want to influence, you can chart out the CPQ process.

2. Optimize the QTC process to be supported by Salesforce CPQ

The Sales process of every company has its unique micro parameters that determine the user experience drawn. Before the full-scale implementation of Salesforce CPQ, the company needs to internally analyze QTC challenges that need resolution. Based on the unique challenges, the company can plan the CPQ workflow for better results on the QTC process. The company needs to optimize and document the workflow to create a basic SOP for future references.

Once the sales process workflow is determined, you can then take stock of your product inventory. The existing product portfolio and pricing, SKUs, payment modes, and discount scopes determine how Salesforce CPQ can be implemented. You have to work with the sales team because they know the customer behavior and product price fluctuations better than anyone else. An expert from the sales team can fine-tune the demographics, price ranges, and product bundle configurations on the CPQ tool.

A high level of accurate customization on the CPQ tool ensures that Salesforce CPQ services are dispensed properly. The sales process will be optimized to provide the best deals for specific customers so that the executive can close the process sooner.

3. Prioritize the CPQ Features

The CPQ tool has multiple features that can be confusing in the initial phase. Your business might not need all the CPQ features at all times. Therefore, your sales team must first choose the features it needs to integrate and prioritize them. Classify the features based on needs and goal fulfillment. Then implement the most critical features first before proceeding with critical features. The company can add additional features to the platform for sales process optimization at any point in time.

4. Kick Off the System Integration Process

After the segmentation of features and configuration determination, the entire tool can be integrated into your sales system. The CPQ tool works with data streamed from different systems. Therefore, you have to integrate the tool with multiple data channels and manage them. You have to identify the channels first. Get customer data and sales data from the CRM platform for analysis and optimization. For proper use of the tool, you have to check the quality and accuracy of the data on which the tool will work.

5. Change the Workflow

Sometimes, the implementation of Salesforce CPQ needs a major change in the sales workflow. The Salesforce CPQ consultant will advise you to introduce small to big changes in the workflow. You have to go through with it for maximum benefit from the tool. For this reason, keep a change management plan at hand to optimize the process further. You have to create a plan to smooth the learning curve for your internal team and your staff.

6. Optimize the Progress

There is a misconception that the work is done once you go through with Salesforce CPQ implementation. The technical tool needs periodic tracking and management to know the progress. The progress should not be slow or stagnant. Moreover, you also need to optimize the tool’s allied functionalities for a maintained progress pace for your company.

With the help of a step-by-step guide, implementing the Salesforce CPQ tool is very easy. The implementation process differs on certain parameters from company to company. Before implementing the tool, make sure your company has a good sales and marketing team.

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