The Implementation Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Segmented Approach

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Apr 26th

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing solutions platform integrated into the larger suite of Salesforce Clouds used for CRM. The Salesforce Cloud platform allows multiple solutions and processes for improving a customer-brand relationship. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation has multiple benefits for a business organization.

The marketing cloud platform can be used by business organizations of different scales and sizes. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service allows the organization to explore customized marketing and customer service solutions to improve the overall marketing process and better return on investment. Moving from generic marketing tools, personalized marketing tools help the marketing team be more targeted.

How to Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Here is a low down on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation process that will easily help a company take up Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration. If your company needs further clarity on the complete implementation process, it can contact an experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant.

1. Developing A Plan

Before implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services, the company needs to develop an implementation plan. The planning stage is the initial stage, after which the implementation process can start. The planning stage involves collecting data regarding the gaps that the implemented service will address and the departments directly involved in it. The implementation team must consider the resources at its disposal and analyze overall performance based on certain parameters. Once the performance analysis is over, the team can properly identify the gaps in which the marketing cloud suite can be implemented.

2. Be Fully Prepared For The Suite Implementation

Before full-scale implementation of the cloud marketing suite, all the departments involved in implementation need to be informed and prepared. Be sure that the resources needed to properly implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud service are on the deck. The resources and manpower should be aligned properly with the process so that the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration goes on smoothly. From the workers who will directly use the suite to the company’s senior management, every company stakeholder should be aware of marketing cloud implementation and the changes that will come with it.

3. Setting The Goal

The right approach to Salesforce Marketing platform integration comes through only when the goals of the process are defined in a completely transparent manner. When the goals are defined and realistic, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant helps create marketing solutions that achieve these goals. Once the consultant is clear on the company’s business objectives, he can define strategic goals and create an action plan to implement the same.

4. Organizing A Team

The implementation process also includes organizing a team of professionals who are more or less acquainted with the Salesforce platform. After organizing the team, the consultant can convey the aim of implementation and explain the plan to them. He can also train them in the particular marketing solutions chosen on the platform for seamless integration.

The team can also help the consultant or manager with its expertise and experience in the implementation process. If the team is already trained in Salesforce capabilities, it can help improve the idea of implementation and add more features to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform after customization. However, if a team is chosen, the team has to keep project managers, trainers, and other professionals involved in the integration process from the periphery so that the process goes on smoothly and benefits multiple departments.

5. Data Clean-Up

Before the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is fully implemented, the old data structure and databases need to be analyzed and cleaned up thoroughly to be ready for the new platform. The Marketing Cloud platform needs a level of data organization for its data interpretation capabilities.

Therefore, the old databases need to be cleaned and properly maintained before the complete implementation of the service platform. The Marketing Cloud platform will need to implement an organized database so that new data can be stored and easily analyzed. The team reviews and tracks all the existing data to retain the user data, and repetitive data is cleaned up from the systems. This allows a complete revamp of the data storage and management system.

6. Data Migration

Once the databases are organized and cleaned up, the team must focus on large-scale data migration. The data migration process will help improve data management and its integration with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. The data migration process can help improve the overall data analysis and processing methods on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

The Implementation Approach

The implementation approach should be so streamlined that it does not disrupt the organization’s overall business processes. Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration aims to enhance business processes and not stop them. The integration should enhance and upgrade internal processes and their external output, not remove them completely.

Although the implementation process should introduce new processes, these processes should not disrupt the workflow. Instead, these processes should further support the organizational practices. Take the approach that is suitable for the business. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant or the project manager can keep track of the progress made in implementation.

The manager or team leader can conduct progress tracking meetings once every week so that the team can know where the current implementation progress stands and how to accelerate it.

The implementation process has to be optimized to suit the company’s processes and structure. The timeline of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service implementation has to be broad-based so that the team can prioritize the tasks and gradually complete them. The team’s technical capabilities and the tools available for implementation help in the rapid progress of the process. Depending on the level of customization and the platform’s needs, the benefits drawn from the platform will diversify.

With the help of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, the team can revisit its goals and modify its capabilities in the future.  The implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform can help improve marketing and sales strategy with the help of customer data analysis and internal process improvements. The marketing team can benefit from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, and Salesforce AppExchange extends technical tools.

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