The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Salesforce For Fintech Companies

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May 05th

The Fintech Industry has been booming due to the digitization of financial services and payments. The digitization of the entire Fintech sector needs the use of digital solutions. Among the leading digital solutions used in the Fintech industry, Salesforce CRM solutions are included. Running a Fintech business is hard and takes a lot of resources.

The management of different processes inside a Fintech organization has to be optimized with the help of digital platforms and solutions. Moreover, Fintech services are all customer-oriented because it directly engages with customers and helps them. Therefore, good CRM solutions like Salesforce for Fintech Company are a possible application.

Benefits Of Salesforce CRM For Fintech Companies

The benefits and needs of Salesforce finance solutions are highlighted in the next sections to decide to work with the Salesforce CRM platform. Read on to find out about Fintech applications of Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM provides multiple services and features to companies that Fintech companies can take advantage of. For example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be used for promotional activities and coordinating the implementation of marketing strategies. Marketing and sales are important for fintech companies too. Salesforce CRM can be a great tool for fintech companies too. For example, fintech companies need to connect with their user base for better customer relationships and sales turnover. The fintech sector draws multiple benefits from the Salesforce CRM solutions.

1. Customer-Centric Services

Fintech companies aim to bring financial services to users in a simplified form. The Salesforce platform helps provide a base for making business processes customer-centric to achieve this aim. The difference between fintech apps and solutions and banks is the better provision of services in a customer-friendly manner. Salesforce for fintech can help collect data about customer behavior and expectations so that customer-centric services can be provided through fintech apps.

With the tools offered by Salesforce Suite of CRM solutions, the company can create new customer-centric features and strategies to implement the digital product. The Salesforce features and tools help companies draw better insights into customer behavior from the overall use of the platform. The integration of the CRM platform improves the customer-brand relationship with new, customized services designed to meet customers’ expectations.

2. Customer Engagement

Like every other customer-centric business, Fintech companies also want to ramp up their customer engagement with the help of different solutions and platforms. Customer engagement measures the popularity of a usable app and how well it is performing in the market. When the fintech solution has high customer engagement, the fintech company is making revenue constantly.

Salesforce consulting services from experienced professionals trained in Salesforce can help increase customer engagement with the help of novel solutions. The customer engagement model of a fintech company can be transformed with the help of Salesforce solutions custom-made for Fintech companies.

3. Replacing Multiple Systems

Another great benefit that the Salesforce platform provides the leading fintech companies is the features of multiple systems in one extensive suite. For example, the Salesforce platform offers both marketing and sales capabilities for use by business professionals. Instead of multiple solutions that only increase the number of resources, it is always better to use the Salesforce CRM platform that offers multiple features under one umbrella. Moreover, the solutions extended by Salesforce can be customized according to needs so that the user company can maximize the potential of the Salesforce CRM platform.

A Salesforce CRM consultant can provide the right approach to using Salesforce features so that the platform can replace multiple systems with a singular platform. The use of Salesforce CRM thus can reduce the number of resources needed for a certain process without affecting its result. On the other hand, Salesforce CRM for fintech can optimize resource utilization costs to amplify the profits from Fintech solutions and services.

4. Boost Sales And Lead Conversions

Salesforce CRM extends one feature, the Sales Cloud, which supports advanced lead generation and conversion processes. Sales Cloud features can boost sales in the short term and the long term. For example, using Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud can help collect data needed to improve sales strategies and better output from sales promotions. The company can easily monitor sales activity from the ground up with the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud so that revenue and profits are increased.

The company can improve its internal strategy and external sales processes to better impact revenue generation. With the help of data-backed strategies and features, the Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud helps streamline overall sales effort for better impact. The impact is intensified on segments where sure shot results are guaranteed. These predictive and customer behavior analytics helps the Fintech company in mapping out the user journey towards conversion and consistent use of the applications.

On the other hand, Sales Cloud also helps automate many processes within the sales infrastructure so that the sales processes are completed rapidly, and results are seen sooner than before. Lead conversion and customer acquisition rate increase along with customer retention. This ensures that the user base of the Salesforce platform increases at a steady rate over a long time.

5. Better Compliance

One particular aspect on which Fintech applications have to be careful is compliance with the right regulatory frameworks and industry standards. The process of compliance can be very cumbersome for the company. Salesforce CRM can help promote better compliance practices so that the company is not in legal or regulatory trouble.

Thus, Salesforce CRM handles the policy framework and ethical functioning of the Fintech solution floated by the company. Better compliance ensures that the fintech app is trustworthy and useful for people. Perfect compliance practices also promote a high adoption rate for Fintech applications and solutions.

Apart from these benefits of using Salesforce CRM Financing solutions, the Salesforce CRM platform also improves the productivity and efficiency of the digital solutions by reducing operational risks linked with these sensitive apps. The use of Salesforce CRM with the right consultant services can help improve the prospects of a fintech company manifold.

As a Salesforce silver consulting partner, GetOnCRM Solutions can help Salesforce CRM integration for fintech companies for that various financial operations and automate processes.

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