Things You Should Know Before Implementing Salesforce In Your Financial Services Business

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Feb 09th

The Salesforce services have diversified into the financial sector with the Financial Services Cloud. However, the Financial Services Cloud is not simply restricted to the Financial services sector. The sector in itself is diverse and includes branches into different sectors. Therefore, Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce services is a diverse and complex arena that needs attention to different solutions.

The Salesforce Implementation for Financial Services helps small-scale and large-scale financial institutions. This blog will discuss the different financial services that seek help from Financial Services Cloud and use their features every day. We will also throw light on how the implementation of the Financial Services Cloud will help businesses.

What are the financial services that implement Financial Services Cloud features?

There are many small and large-scale financial institutions in the business sphere. These institutions use the Financial Services Cloud features to improve their operations and services.

Various financial institutions are as follows:

Investment banks

Investment banks help the public with stock market investments and larger financial transactions. Investment helps companies in large-scale transactions like mergers, acquisitions, and IPO openings.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies are major financial institutions that help both public and private institutions. From businesses to people, cars to body parts, everything, and everyone need insurance for financial security. Insurance companies provide different policies to people and business organizations to manage liabilities and incidents.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are floated by many financial institutions that are major investment options for people. Mutual fund investments need financial advice and direction that financial advisors can provide.

Insurance brokers are individual agents who offer insurance policies on behalf of a larger company. Insurance brokers reach out to people and provide them with options to choose from. Salesforce implementation service is a service that an insurance broker may want to use for better turnover.


The traditional bank systems are different from that of investment banks. Banks offer loans and savings to people. The majority of public transactions happen through banks. Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce is relevant to banks as they deal with a high volume of financial decisions and transactions every day.

How does Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce Can Help You?

1. Wealth management

The Salesforce CRM integration for Financial Services Cloud features helps in wealth management. Wealth management is a primary function of a financial institution that they extend to their clients. The smart system of Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce helps in better wealth management over legacy wealth systems. Many banks and investment options use the services of Salesforce to improve the wealth management practices so that the investor or client has maximum benefits.

The use of wealth management solutions from the Financial Services Cloud helps optimize its workforce and its internal processes so that the wealth management system works at its best form. The services help improve the communication and processes of wealth management so that clients remain happy and performance glitches are avoided. The financial services solutions can be customized to include the different functionalities of a particular wealth management system.

2. Information gathering

The chain of information is an important link in the decision-making process for any business. When it comes to investment or finance-related decisions, the institutions have to consider the information gathered from customers because the decisions will affect a large population. The decisions and policies of financial institutions affect the population and the economy to a large section. The Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce offers many features and provisions that collect data from the customers directly to help the institution make data-driven decisions.

The CRM interface puts the data organized on the dashboard to work on a singular platform and manage properly. The software fetches the information from the wide audience segment and presents it to the user. The automation used in the process reduces the hassle and time-consuming operations. The dashboard has everything in one place so that the information is easy to monitor and work with.

3. Marketing

Not only decision making, but the Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce also offers multiple tools for financial marketing that maintains your footprint in the market. When the Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce is merged with the marketing services cloud, it helps better integrate lead generation into marketing.

The gathered information from customers helps improve the lead generation process.  With more hot leads, the marketing process and results improve with the help of Salesforce features. The data gathered with the help of Salesforce features also helps create a better marketing strategy for the market, which yields better results in terms of promotions and sales.

4. Customer services

Customer service and clear communication with clients are major differentiation points for financial institutions. The client wants to go to a financial institution and avail services that seem approachable and relatable. The customer service team has to be a good one that helps the clients understand the details of the financial policies and helps them make the right decision.

They want a customer service team that is always available, knows about finances and can be trusted. The services from Salesforce help the customer service team extend fast services to clients and work insightfully in the area. The solutions from Salesforce will help your company develop a customer-centric approach that will ultimately help your business retain customers.

5. Automation

The main reason for using Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce is to automate the operations. Large scale and small scale institutions today handle millions of transactions. Clients expect everything to be fast and tech-oriented. With automation, the financial institution achieves productivity and a high level of operational excellence that benefits the clients and the institutions in the same channel.

A Salesforce CRM Consulting company develops customized Financial Services Cloud for institutions that support different financial operations and automate processes. Today, no matter the institution’s scale, the Financial Services Cloud is necessary for its functioning. From banks to mutual funds, every section of the financial sector can be revolutionized with the help of Financial Services Cloud solutions from Salesforce.

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