What’s The Cost Of Salesforce CRM Consulting Services In The Healthcare Industry?

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Mar 29th

Salesforce CRM is a multifaceted business solution that helps multiple businesses to set their customer service, marketing, and sales strategies on the right track for real results. The demand for services and advanced technical solutions increases in the healthcare industry. To fulfill this demand, Salesforce CRM can be the ideal platform to implement and transfer healthcare administration and services.

However, the implementation cost of Salesforce healthcare solutions depends on the budget of the healthcare provider and the needs it wants to fulfill through the solutions. A company that offers Salesforce CRM consulting services can help a healthcare institution choose the right solution for implementation.

The Salesforce Pricing Model For Healthcare Industry

The cost of Salesforce healthcare app development can be low on the basic versions and expensive, depending on the provider’s features. It is always better to get the version that suits all the organizational needs of the provider so that the provider can truly benefit from its implementation.

The implementation of Salesforce CRM can cost somewhere around $10000 to $50000 for a healthcare organization. The choice depends on the budget of the organization and the investment it is ready to make. The organization has to properly estimate how much it will be spending on purchasing, customizing, implementing, and maintaining the CRM solutions.

The Salesforce pricing model is very easy to understand and simple to implement. The price of the CRM solution depends on the number of professionals using the solutions and the edition of Salesforce solutions the provider is using. However, some factors affect the company’s choice of the Salesforce platform.

For example, a small healthcare provider with only 10 professionals can use the Salesforce Essentials suite. However, if the number of professionals is higher than 10, it has to choose the lightning version, which is far more expensive. The cost of implementation for Salesforce Lightning mode is three times that of the Essentials version.

Moreover, if the provider wants a complete, customized solution for its processes, it must buy additional features with added costs. While these additional features enhance the platform’s functionality, the cost of their implementation is high. Therefore, the healthcare institution has to select with care which CRM solutions it wants in its regular work process. If maximizing the efficiency of the Salesforce platform is a goal and the additional costs are not a hindrance, the organization should go for it.

The three basic Salesforce feature suites are as follows:

1. Sales Cloud

The Sales cloud helps in sales automation and sales process optimization. The suite also helps in sales reporting and forecasting. When the healthcare institution wants to focus on improving sales of diagnostic services and equipment or improve the efficiency of field services, it needs the implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

2. Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is an omnichannel front for optimized customer service to clients and users. The Service cloud can bridge gaps between the hospital and the patients. The digitization of customer services and healthcare services like teleconsultation sessions needs the implementation of the service cloud.

3. Marketing Cloud

Marketing and digital marketing are very important for any business, even healthcare providers. Today, as healthcare services are in demand and the mounting competition, healthcare providers need to make and implement digital marketing across different fronts. While the main function of the healthcare provider is not marketing, it can optimize its marketing processes with the help of the Marketing Cloud suite from Salesforce.

While these are the basic suites of features and capabilities, the healthcare provider can also invest in other Salesforce features that help provide better and faster services to patients.

There are some basic suites like Salesforce Lightning Essentials and Lightning Professionals, which come at different prices. Lightning Essentials come for $25 per user per month. The Lightning Essentials suite is best suited for companies that need the basic functionalities and features like lead generation, account, and sales management. Lightning Professional is another suite for $75 per user per month. The suite includes multiple functionalities suitable for middle-scale businesses and healthcare institutions.

On the other hand, Lightning Enterprise comes at $150 per user per month but is billed annually. The Enterprise suite is suitable for mid-sized and large-scale healthcare organizations that have established a presence. The Enterprise suite is ideal for an organization with a multifaceted sales team across different locations. The suite helps in micromanagement and automation of the sales process.

The last type of suite discussed is Lightning Unlimited which is the most enhanced form of Salesforce features and functionalities for the company. The unlimited suite comes for $300 per user per month. The unlimited suite is best suited for large-scale healthcare providers who manage a wide base of dispersed customers and field staff.

The Unlimited suite helps in customer service management with 24×7 support and Sales automation. The unlimited suite will help the company improve its work process in different areas. On the other hand, every suite of Salesforce is billed annually, so the provider can use the suite with simple one-time payments. However, it has to factor in the price and investment return from Salesforce CRM implementation.

Salesforce for the healthcare industry is very effective in increasing the positive impact of sales and marketing strategy. However, the healthcare provider has to choose the version of Salesforce CRM it wants to implement very carefully. The high cost of implementation does not eat up the profits projected by the processes.

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