What Information Technology Salaries Are And How To Get Them

GoLearn Tech
Oct 18th

Due to a combination of factors such as economy, career options and the aging population, salaries for computer and information technology professionals may be expected to continue rising, as well as other areas. In May, according to Indeed, median salary for computer professionals was $91,500. The median salary reported was $ 107,000, which is slightly higher than the typical computer information technology salary reported in May.

If we look at salaries for workers with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and PhDs, we can also expect to see continued growth in information technology salaries. According to Indeed, a graduate engineer with a bachelor's degree earns on average $40,000 a year. A master's degree graduate engineer can earn as much as a hundred thousand dollars a year. An information technology professional with a doctorate degree earns up to five hundred thousand dollars a year.

What makes the information technology salary for professionals even more interesting is that it has been reported that men with a doctorate degree earn almost ten times more than women with the same level of education. For bachelor's degree holders, the median salary earned by men is just over six thousand dollars, while women earn around four thousand dollars. Men with a doctorate are likely involved in research, while women are typically involved in training or research. It could also be said that the median information technology degree salary for people with advanced degrees is almost eleven thousand dollars.

The job outlook for computer and information technology professionals will be quite positive over the next decade. According to Indeed, there are currently a total of nine million workers in the field. By 2021, it is estimated that there will be a significant number of people with the necessary qualifications to fill all the open positions in this industry.

Information technology career salaries are highly dependent on the location in which an individual chooses to work. As such, one should carefully consider his or her current occupational surroundings before making any major decisions. For example, people working in the finance industry will tend to earn more money than those who work in marketing. Those working in retail or sales will also tend to earn more than those working in customer service. One should be careful about choosing a major, however, as the information technology degree salary for these majors may vary significantly. Some colleges and universities offer financial aid to help prospective information technology degree holders find a job, so prospective students should check to see if such a program exists at their college or university.

There is no question that the information technology career salary is high and it will only get higher in the future. There are currently more positions available in the field than ever before, and this coupled with the continued growth of the internet will result in a significant increase in salary for those who have chosen this profession. Those wishing to pursue a high paying position within this industry should make sure they choose their major with care, because the IT salary is rising and it is predicted to keep on rising in the future.

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