An Overview of IT Certifications

GoLearn Tech
Oct 15th

IT certifications are an important way to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a particular job. Many professionals choose IT certifications as a means to boost their employability or to demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence. IT certifications can be obtained from many different sources. These include organizations that specialize in certifying personnel, or even schools that offer specialized courses in IT certifications. A person who decides to become certified will need to understand what type of IT certifications are available.

IT certifications are divided into three main categories. Degree-level certifications require a person to achieve specific levels of education and training in order to gain the certificate. Professional certifications, on the other hand, are self-erecting because the person already has a certain level of education or experience that qualifies him or her for the job. As with other certifications, professional certifications are also awarded for specific courses or fields of expertise.

There are several different types of IT certifications available for those interested in pursuing a career in information technology. The most popular and common certifications are those offered by major companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM. These top certifications are necessary for entry level jobs in the information technology field. Some of the most common and least intensive certifications are those offered by smaller companies or by vocational institutions.

Earning an Information Systems Security Certification (ISCS) typically takes about one year and is achieved through online study. One can study for the exam either individually or through a course program. An information systems security certification exam can typically be taken twelve months prior to the event it is required. After passing the exam, graduates earn an official certificate or an ITIL or equivalent global certification. The certificate often displays the participant's IT security pass status.

A majority of IT jobs require IT certifications to qualify for the job. This makes it extremely important for people to be knowledgeable about these certifications, especially as they progress through the career ladder. IT certification opens doors for full-time workers and candidates who are looking for entry-level positions. For professionals already working in the field, IT certification can also be a great benefit in their career progression. Many employers require certification for employment and a majority of IT professionals find that it helps them land their dream job.

To pursue information technology certification, individuals can check out the various certifications available online or in local community colleges. There is even a selection of IT certifications for home based IT workers that can help boost a home business. IT certification is a great investment in one's career because it gives one more skills and increases the likelihood that one will find a high paying position in this increasingly competitive field. There are various IT certification paths to choose from so a prospective IT worker should research each option to determine which path best suits his or her needs.

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