AWS Certifications And Their Importance In The Work Force

GoLearn Tech
Oct 14th

AWS Certification is an indicative level of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud expertise an individual obtains after passing through one or more examinations the public cloud service provides. It is a globally recognized kind of accreditation offered to IT professionals who are already in possession of relevant skills and knowledge about the system. Individuals who possess such knowledge are able to demonstrate to prospective employers that they are capable of handling the on-site infrastructure management required for any given AWS job. Moreover, it helps AWS prove its competence in handling business and strategic projects.

AWS Certification Exam is a specialized exam designed to test an individual's technical competency in using various tools and processes of the AWS environment. It is unique because it assesses not only the knowledge but also the abilities in applying those concepts and how they work in real-life. AWS experts gain AWS certifications in order to demonstrate and bolster organizational and technical cloud computing skills.

Many professionals in the IT industry believe that AWS exams are not only beneficial in securing jobs but also prove to be quite effective in boosting employee productivity and increasing the company's revenue. The exams cover various areas including: aws security management, aws APIs reference, aws master's certification, aws operations, aws routing, aws search, aws virtualization, and aws platform administration. In order to pass certification tests, candidates must prove their mastery of the following: aws scale model, aws regions, aws region types, aws subnetting, aws gateway, aws master strategy, aws region-locking and aws routing functions. However, the most important thing to consider before taking any of these exams is to seek help from qualified professionals who have years of hands-on experience in using the tools and processes involved in the AWS environment.

The second type of AWS certification that is gaining popularity is the ECM/GCM. The exams mainly test candidates on topics such as compliance issues, recovery planning, infrastructure health, and business continuity. The AWS Certification in Financial Services and Public Sector is designed to help finance and insurance professionals assess the risks and rewards of using AWS cloud services. When taking the exams, candidates must complete both practice tests and a written exam. Those who successfully complete the exam earn an associate's degree in finance or insurance or an MBA with a finance or insurance curriculum.

The third type of AWS certification exam, named the Practitioner Associate's Program (PAP) is offered by two separate organizations, the American Society for Software Testing and the Computing Services Institute. This second exam is targeted at individuals who already know the basics of AWS. Completion of these exams allows candidates to secure their careers in Information Technology or Computer Security positions with major IT companies.

The fourth and final type of AWS certification which can be acquired is the Reserved AWS Management Associate (CARA). Candidates who successfully complete this course gain access to the open leadership position of AWS's Director of Technology. While this job role is not yet filled, many companies are interested in hiring applicants with expertise in both technology and business. These exam scores help employers determine if potential leaders have the knowledge to handle future challenges in the cloud services arena. As these certifications continue to gain in popularity, many new career paths will likely become available in the field of cloud services.

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